Andreas Schmitten, Scham (Detail), 2017,
Courtesy The Artist. Foto: Niels Schabrod.


SCHÖNEWALD congratulates Andreas Schmitten on receiving the 2017 Falkenrot Preis.

The Dusseldorf-based artist Andreas Schmitten has been granted the renowned Falkenrot Preis 2017. This esteemed annual award is selected by Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin and honors international artists that set new standarts in contemporary art. The award includes a solo-show by Andreas Schmitten in the gallery spaces of the institution and an accompanying artist catalogue. The exhibition opens July 6 and runs thru September 17.

The Falkenrot Award was instated by the dutch collectors Astrid and Arie de Kneckt in 2005 and is awarded annualy by the Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin. Previous laureates include Seo (2005), Maik Wolf (2006), Sven Drühl (2007), Torben Giehler (2008), Tony Matelli (2011), Slawomir Elsner (2012), Maki Na Kamura (2013), Michaela Meise (2014), Peter Krauskopf (2015) and Gregor Hildebrandt (2016).

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Andreas Schmitten at Weltkunstzimmer Dusseldorf.

WE PLUS YOU - Guided Tours

Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse
01. - 29. Juni 2017
curated by Janine Blöß


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Karin Kneffel, Ohne Titel, 2009, oil on canvas, 180x550cm (detail), Courtesy SCHÖNEWALD.
Foto: Achim Kukulies


Karin Kneffel at Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Karin Kneffel
Bild im Bild
Kunstmuseum Bonn

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